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I am a permanent resident of Ukraine, finally!

anelson September 30, 2023 #ukraine

I’m shocked and horrified to realize that it was almost FIVE long years ago that I celebrated the receipt of my Ukraine temporary residence permit! When I think back to that time, I can scarcely recognize the life I lived back then. I haven’t blogged much about the intervening five years, but a quick summary of events includes:

During almost all of this, my application for permanent residency on the basis of investment in Ukraine (to wit: aforementioned apartment purchase) has been in some way or another in progress. If I had competent legal representation from the start, and there had not been a global pandemic, and a hoard of fascist Orcs had not invaded Ukraine, perhaps this would not have taken so long. Nonetheless, the wait is finally over: I am officially a permanent resident of Ukraine:

Photo of Ukrainian residency permit (redacted)
Official Ukraine Permanent Residency Permit
This permit is good for ten years, and my legal residency is, well, permanent. This doesn't change much for me day to day, but it means I don't have to go through the residency renewal process every three years, and it means I can open a Monobank account, and I think it means I'm legally able to purchase firearms in Ukraine.