First Kiev snowfall of the 2018 season

Today I awoke to a very cold fall morning. At least, cold by my standards. -3° C probably isn’t a big deal to the cold-hardened locals here, but I came from a warm climate and struggle to adapt to this new reality.

Imagine my surprise then when I glanced at my phone and saw the threat of “wintry mix” in the next hour or two. It seems the Ukrainian Meteorological Service doesn’t play around; snow started in earnest right on time. The fresh snow on slippery stone sidewalks combined with my fancy leather shoes (actual treads are for proles, apparently) made for a rather slippery walk to the office. I managed to make slow but steady progress by walking carefully and staring at the ground in front of me. Of course, this being Ukraine, I was quickly overtaken by numerous Ukrainian women stalking past in substantial heels and a catlike ability to stay upright no matter the conditions.

This is the new normal on the streets of Kiev until spring

To add insult to injury, the city government has restricted retail alcohol sales after 11PM


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